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Going the Distance

Going the Distance - John  Goode Daniel Devin Monroe, basketball extraordinaire... gay, confused, basketball extraordinaire.

Life can be confusing when you lose your mother at five and you're left with a befuddled, twenty-three-year-old Marine dad to figure out this gig called parenthood, which at the best of times is a raging trial-and-error cluster$#*&. Toss in a son who begins to notice his growing attraction for boys at the ripe old age of eleven and life can get complicated, fast. Through a series of mixed signals, Danny begins to get the impression that being gay is not the way for a Marine's son to be. The one steady constant in his life, his touchstone, is his dad and he'd rather die than disappoint him. And so Danny does the only thing a devoted, loving son can do... he sets himself on a course to NOT be gay. His answer to that is to throw himself heart and soul into basketball.

In this first book of the Fadeaway series, we grow up with Danny. We live with his confusion, his insecurity, and his anger at himself for his inability to be "normal." John Goode does an amazing job of putting the reader right at the center of Danny's universe. We feel Danny's turmoil, pain, and frustration acutely. We laugh, we rage and scream, and we love right along with him.

But it wasn't just Danny that made this book such an amazing read. Turns out John Monroe, Danny's dad, is a pretty incredible stand-up kind of guy... what he lacks in communication skills, he more than makes up for in loving his son, just the way he is. And Nate, as Danny's big-brother best friend is a treasure for any young gay man trying to figure out life and how he fits in.

Read this book! You will laugh, you will cry, and you will fall in love with these characters. Walk in Danny's shoes as he engages in adolescent and teenage antics and experiences tragic events that threaten to derail his hopes and dreams. I'm diving headlong into book two... right now.