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There's No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home - Michael    Robertson I was a bit hesitant to start book 3 in this series. Even though I enjoyed the first two books, they were both extremely violent and the content was very graphic. Both books 1 and 2 were page-turners with a gripping story line that naturally sucked you in from one chapter to the next... impossible to put down as you just had to know what happens next. However, I did read a note from the author that said the level of violence tones down a bit in book 3, so I decided to continue and did find that to be the case. I believe the violence in the first two books was a necessary component to give the reader a feel for just how bad society can degrade when a global financial crisis hits and all forms of government and law and order collapse. As Lola says in book 3, "You don't live in a fucking Disney movie."

In book 3 we find out what happens to Michael, the little boy from book 1. Once again, the action is nonstop in this book and it was also impossible to put down. So I am now sucked into this story and here for the long haul. If you are a fan of dystopian novels, I highly recommend this one.